An outdoor bathtub is a lovely addition to giving your garden a touch of luxury, particularly when combined with an outdoor shower. It's a clever way to create a spa-like vibe without going all out with a hot tub or pool.

Bringing the outside in and filling our homes with plants and natural materials certainly lifts the spirits – but so too can taking the inside out. Outdoor spa areas and garden bathtubs have become very popular. It's a beautiful concept that's been embraced by lots of luxury hotels and retreats, but it can also be recreated at home.


Made of natural stone, for forest bathing, alpine immersion, and any other outdoor private spa ambiance.




Kada Latia - 75620 PLN

Kada Enea - 75620 PLN

Kada Ania - 78966 PLN

Kada Gaia - 69765 PLN

Kada Luce - 69765 PLN

Kada Mena - 73111 PLN


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