Terra Magica

This collection represents the place we come from. Istria, called Terra Magica, is a peninsula located in the western part of the Croatian coast.


The Terra Magica Collection is made of the material we are most proud of – Istrian yellow. The Istrian yellow is a strong stone, resistant to water corrosion and because of that it was chosen in Venice as the foundation material to intercept rising damp and tidal water in the canals, and the façades of many Venetian monuments such as the Ducal Palace and many Renaissance and Baroque churches owe their good conservation to it. You can enjoy in all of its characteristics in the Terra Magica collection.


Take a moment to go through our TERRA MAGICA collection. We want to create a place for you where you can unwind, where you can feel the sun and get a sense of the Istrian lifestyle. There are unlimited possibilities and finishes for every style in the selection of products and accessories.


The stone from Kanfanar is unique because it is possible to use it for making different products, which is not possible with every material. It has excellent technical and mechanical properties in terms of absorption, freezing, and wear. It is extremely durable and is available in various types of finishing, from sandblasting to burnt stone.

Blue flamed + brushed


Sandblated + brushed

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