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185 PLN

As an individual, we do not necessarily have the right tools at hand! The drilling kit contains everything you need to drill the holes in your walls that will accommodate your dryers.

This kit includes:

  • 1 TCT hole saw (Tungsten Carbide treated) with a diameter of 40 mm adapted to the diameter of the Dryers.
  • 1 bit holder 200 mm. Adapted to the saw whose length of 20 cm (to which the size of the saw is added) makes it possible to comfortably drill the wall to a sufficient depth.
  • 1 conical centering drill 8x110mm. Also called a “guide”, it makes it possible to drill a centering hole in order to position the hole saw perfectly without it “slipping” on the wall.
  • 1 cone punch to easily remove the centering drill.

Technical characteristics of the saw:

  • Sturdy and sharp steel.
  • Ideal for making clean holes in concrete, bricks and aerated concrete.
  • Do not use with a drill in hammer mode.
  • To be used with the bit holder provided.
  • To be used with a drill equipped with a safety clutch.

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