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The interior damp wall dryer is the quietest dryer in the range! (23 decibels maximum). This is THE solution recommended for installation in living rooms.

Calculate the number of dryers and accessories needed to treat a damp wall using the calculator.


Advantages of an indoor dryer:

Allows you to dry damp walls after flooding, infiltration, capillary rise, etc.
Thanks to the interior dehumidifier, current damage will disappear: mold, fungus, dry rot, saltpeter, damaged varnish, etc.
Effective, dries the walls of your home in just 2 to 4 months!
Depending on your situation, this may be a temporary solution while you deal with the moisture problem!
Mechanical process, no chemical emanation, more natural to treat moisture!


How does it install?

A bit of a tinkerer? Install it easily with the installation guide! If not, give us a call!

How does an indoor dryer work?

The dryer is an innovative product that uses the principle of operation of atmospheric siphons. Find out how it works!


Moisture in the walls:

To help you determine the moisture level of your walls, consider a moisture meter.


How to determine the number of devices needed?

It is necessary to place 1 Dryer every 80 cm (only on the wet area of the wall).

To quickly calculate the number of dryers, multiply the length of the wet wall by 1.25. Rounding up, you will know the number of dehumidifiers needed to remove the moisture in the wall.

Example: for a wall 4.3 meters long, count 4.3 x 1.25 = 5.63 or 6 dryers.

Don't forget that the Dryers are connected via an electrical kit: 1 kit for up to 8 appliances.

Technical characteristics of the interior dryer:



Max wear

0,5 W/h

Turbine speed

from 7000 to 9500 rpm


23 dB




15 x 8 x 4,8 cm


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