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335 PLN

The built-in electrical kit contains the wiring and the transformer necessary to connect your dryers to each other and to the electrical current of your house.

The transformer can be integrated into a recessed box. Thus your electrical installation can be fully embedded and therefore not visible.

This electrical set consists of all devices for operating and powering wall dryers.


This kit is suitable for connecting up to 8 Dryers. The transformer makes it possible to create an invisible electrical installation. Indeed, it fits inside a recessed box.


The kit contains:


  • 10 meters of red electric wire (HO7V2-K), section 0.5 mm²
  • 10 meters of black electric wire (HO7V2-K), section 0.5 mm²
  • 10 meters of flexible sheath
  • 1 built-in transformer output 5 V - 2A


The transformer provides the power necessary for the operation of 8 dryers. Beyond that, it is necessary to use a second transformer, or even more for large projects.


Depending on your choice, you can:


  • Integrate the wires under the baseboards,
  • Put the wires in ducts.
  • Embed the wires in the wall.


The sheath is provided to protect the wires in these cases.

Wall driers will remove the humidity from your home. They will allow you to move on to the renovations of your walls in the shortest possible time.

This electrical kit supplies electricity to the dryers to solve the moisture problems in the walls of your home. The electric wires (red and black) are resistant to corrosion: they are covered with a protective layer against the aggression of humidity. The sheath protects the wires when they are embedded in the wall (put in a groove). The transformer delivers a voltage of 5 volts. Thanks to the intensity emitted (2 Amps) it can supply 8 dryers.

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